You are currently viewing Portrait Photography as a unique tool of self-discovery.

Portrait Photography as a unique tool of self-discovery.


 We live in a time where anything you can imagine is within a reach of a hand, one click away. Technologies are developing at light speed, nevertheless it often brings more anxiety than ease into our lives. And so we adapt. Waking up in the morning, the first thing we do – we put on a costume of Self. We wear a costume of successful professional, a caring parent, a responsible child, fun and easy colleague, committed partner, devoted lover, inspiring leader, a reliable friend, forever young healthy lifestyle follower, a gym enjoyer, a climate change fighter, mindful citizen, world savior and  whatever else comes to your mind. We wear costumes of our professions, costumes of our roles in the family and society, costumes of who we want to become one day. We see ourselves through the prism of imposed beauty standards, in mirrored reflections of distorted phone selfies, in shapes and qualities that we believe are the best strategies to get what we want. But does it tell anything about us besides our adaptation skills? Who we are beneath all those layers?

Who we really are?

I am very pleased to see the world adopting the idea of conscious living. It is no doubt a good thing to be willing develop a better self, however everything starts from discovering your current one.  There are numerous instruments out there and photography, I believe, among the most powerful. It allows us to see and be seen.

Our bodies are such graceful and delicate instruments that no emotion can be truly hid. It is often surprising how much we tell about ourselves just by the way we stand or sit. Every tiny little emotion lives through our body, creating a physical reflection and what is more interesting, we can make ourselves feel certain way by setting up our body.

I have been professionally trained in portrait, fashion and commercial photography, it’s been my bread and butter for about a decade. I am also passionately trained in numerous dance styles, from ice skating and classical, jazz and contemporary to Tango, Afro-Latin traditional and popular dances. I enjoy spiritual practices, meditations, yoga and keen of embodiment techniques.

I have developed authors’ technique based on researches and wisdom of my own body experience making portrait photography a powerful tool of self-discovery. It can be described as physical and mental practices based on Mindfulness, Meditations, Embodiment and Authentic Movement, where photography comes as a witness and custodian. This approach allows me to create space and setting, where beauty can fearlessly unfold itself in the most individual and authentic way, to help you find boundless strength in vulnerability and see your true value as an individual.

This is more than just beautiful pictures, this is a breath of fresh air, a fulfilling experience and an inspiring memory saved in photographs. 


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