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Practicing Chaos. Photography after pandemic.

   As time of pandemic goes by, it becomes a new normal to be sure of nothing. Especially if you are an independent artist. What our future will look like? The way we live today – is it the new normal? Is there a place for me in the new world? Questions we all spinning in our heads for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Every other night they are feeding our anxieties and fears. Well, I am not much different. We are all of a same kind when it comes to enduring the stress. The industry that feeds me is the least protected and marked as unnecessary. Most countries couldn’t care less for Art in any form today. What they somehow are missing out, is that exactly Art makes us different from the rest of animals. Our ability to dream, imagine and create. Art was there before we learned to speak and followed us through the wars and natural disasters. Art is an escape, Art is a way to digest and live things through, Art is communication, Art is our natural need to share, Art is a form


Oh, hello!

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, when internet was still a bunch of geeks and strangers I had a little blog at Writtig have never been something I considered doing full-time, however I enjoyed sharing my great discoveries and life adventures. 15 years fast forward, and here I am, writting […]