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Issey Miyake show 2012

All that glam! Female photographer at Fashion week

  A little before Fashion Week madness started, earlier in February I came across an article that immideatly echoed in me. Written by one of few working female fashion catwalk and backstage photographers Megan Cencula it tells her personal story of daily battles. It honestly made me sad. I can not believe we are talking about same things as if it’s 2010! On the other hand, this talk is definitely a necessity. Jokes aside, it is horrifying to recognize your agressors in someone elses text. My story on fashion week coverage isn’t too long, however I worked at least 8 seasons straight and few more shows by occasion until I decided to divorce from Fashion Weeks. Looking at the female survival rates in fashion photography today, it still seems to be quite a long journey. So what is behind all that glam and why this heaven too often feels like hell? It is no secret how desperately huge the gender gap in the fashion industry is. Despite 79 to 85% fashion students being female, the numbers of women succeeding professionally in the industry barely goes over 30%, and in photography this


Oh, hello!

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, when internet was still a bunch of geeks and strangers I had a little blog at Writtig have never been something I considered doing full-time, however I enjoyed sharing my great discoveries and life adventures. 15 years fast forward, and here I am, writting […]